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Archival & Conservation Films from PSG Group Ltd. understand that the word “Archival” seems to signify the highest quality available to prevent degradation of your valuable documents and other paper-based collectibles. Unfortunately, there is no national standard to regulate what true “Archival Quality” is. This means that any sleeve can be called Archival even though it may contain plasticizers and other melting agents that can and will migrate into your precious collectibles turning the pages yellow over time. However, the U.S. National Archives and the U.S. Library of Congress have both issued specifications for which Archival & Conservation Films from PSG Group Ltd. follow.

According to the US Library of Congress, the most preferred material for preserving valuable documents is uncoated archival quality polyester film, such as Polymex® PC range of films

Polymex® archival range of films are exceptionally strong and crystal clear films that are resistant to moisture, pollutants, oils, and acids. They contain no volatile chemicals, which could migrate to the surface and cause damage. With a life expectancy of hundreds of years, Polymex® archival range of films will outlast most other plastics.

In addition, along with the brilliance and clarity of Polymex® archival range of films, they almost enhance the appearance of any paper collectible, it is an effective barrier against acidity which is the primary cause of paper deterioration.

The use of the Polymex® archival range of films is preferred by many curators because it allows visual access without requiring physical handling of the photograph or artefact. Polymex® Polyester is an exceptional material but only in products which avoid certain issues. Inserting and removing film continues to require a design, which permits free passage, to avoid scratching and abrasion. Polymex® Polyester enclosed films must be stored in an area with reasonable climate control to avoid the possibility of ferrotyping.

Ferrotyping is the result of condensation and can occur when fluctuating relative humidity exceeds 65%. Stable high humidity generally will not cause condensation, so in using Polymex® polyester for this purpose you can monitor changes at the higher levels.

Polymex® is a registered trademark of PSG Group Ltd. Their brands of archival quality polyester films have been used for almost 30 years, and are supplied globally to a wide range of customers.

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