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Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd has a broad portfolio of Polymex®, Ecomex®, and Enviromex® PET, PLA and OPP films (to name a few) for packaging applications. These films are fundamental to the safe and contained delivery of a huge range of food and non-food products to our homes.  We offer one of the most complete portfolio of film products to support the worldwide packaging film market.

Polymex® polyester film is currently used in a wide variety of packaging applications in order to deliver food and products safe and contained. Polymex® polyester film is the leading choice of polyester film by packaging converters world wide.
Polymex® polyester films deliver the following superior product attributes:

  • Excellent Ink Adhesion
  • Superb Processability
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Great Handling Characteristics
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Good Heat Stability

Polymex® polyester films are used in packaging applications from pouches to lidding. Polymex® polyester film product categories for packaging are:

  • Coated and Uncoated Films
  • Cold Seal Films
  • White Films
  • Weldable and Peelable Films

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