Plastic Shims & Gaskets

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Plastic Shims and Gaskets Ltd is recognised as an industry leader in the manufacturing of Shims Gaskets and die cut products . We are committed to Service and Quality with our goal to become your Partner not just a supplier. Purpose or Mission. On time and to customer’s specification . To provide our valued customers with quality products , a fast turnaround and good customer service. We will continue striving to out perform our industry colleagues and maintain our reputation as the benchmark for competence and integrity. We define services as meeting your requirements.

Services . PSG’S knowledgeable staff are able and willing to help our customer decide materials / products for each individual application. PSG’S technical department will arrange custom engineer tooling to assure your production runs successfully. Custom punches can be specifically engineered, to obtain cost efficiency.

Cut Components are manufactured and supplied to any specification. Materials include polyester (colour coded to signify thickness) paper, polypropylene, pvc, plastic and rubber etc. The materials used are too comprehensive to list and are suited to all applications within the engineering trades and many others. Plastic Shims & gaskets can Die-Cut most materials, and would be more than happy to quote any enquiry

Customer Friendly : We will endeavour to learn your business and remember your purchasing history and special requirements . Having staff handle your project from “start” to “finish” ensures accurate flow of information and ultimately a happier repeat customer .

Fast quotes : Fast and efficient services in customer responses and enquiry.

Fast prototypes : PSG can generally provide samples with fast turnaround.

Fast delivery : When required we can assist with fast delivery, sometimes within 3 / 4 days, for some components, sooner for some materials.

Full product range: Being specialists in non-metallic materials . Review our materials for Gaskets, Shims, Washers, Insulators, seals and bearing plates and anything you need that’s die cut.

Precision & Quality : Our people, equipment and raw materials are good quality, ensuring perfection from “art” to “part” . PSG complies to ISO 9001 / 2000 designation ensuring that our processes and quality meet a high standard.

Flexibility: Our tooling and manufacturing capabilities and efficiency accommodate both “low” and “high” volume due to high speed and quick set-up equipment.

Products : PSG’S range of die-cutting methods and materials allows the production of the following non-metallic components:-
Gaskets, Shims, Spacers, Insulators, Bearing plates etc.
Our diversity takes us into areas, such as assisting with solving a customers basic manufacturing problem, through to producing Visor accessory products, for racing or safety purposes. And in between there are very few industries that we have not supplied. We also realise that some customers require a complete supply solution, and we can assist by sourcing other products. In this respect our products are unlimited, as our aim is to satisfy our customers requirements.

MARKETS: Plastic Shims & Gaskets Co. Ltd, are not restricted to the traditional Gasket markets, but are diverse with many materials available from around the world, as well as Metallic Shims.We do of course service the Pump, Compressor, Marine, Gear and associated industries, with our Gaskets and Shims. Many components and materials are also supplied to other Gasket manufacturers around the world, in support of their own businesses.
By realising customers need for improvements and other products in a changing market place, we have developed further by supplying more materials and cut components in to the Electrical and Electronics industries, such as Power Supply, Transformer, Domestic Appliance and any industry requiring Electrical Insulators, Spacers and Gaskets. With changing safety criteria, we are more involved with materials that fulfil certain Underwriters Laboratory(UL) flammability ratings, and try to sample materials where possible, so that our customers have an opportunity to trial, in order to establish suitability.Our diversity means that there is no limit to our potential, and that nearly every market place could use our services at some point, however small or big.

Laminating Adhesive Backing : PSG, is able to apply adhesive backing to virtually any material used for it’s fabricated parts . Adhesive can reduce costs by eliminating fasters and / or facilitating assembly.
These adhesives can be applied to our Polymex A and B, Polyesters and other Non-metallic composites.

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