PSG Group Ltd. achieved accreditation to BS ISO 9001:2008, and are assessed by BSI to an ongoing schedule. In addition our Quality Management System is audited by an independent third party, at least four times per annum, thus ensuring continuing compliance and improvement, as required by the Quality Standard.

PSG Group Ltd. continue to find that our customers are demanding higher standards of service and quality in order to match their own dedicated levels of service. With this in mind, PSG Group Ltd. has recently attained the highly desired BRC / IOP Global Standard Accreditation.

Elated management and staff are convinced that the attainment of this endorsement is testimony to the commitment, quality, and safety, practised by a dedicated team. This accreditation, together with those attained for BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14644:1999 [Class 8 Cleanroom], enables PSG Group Ltd. to offer our valued customers the outstanding level of service which they deserve

PSG Group Ltd. has a Class 8 Cleanroom [with an upgrade currently in place] in conformance to BS EN 14644. Increasingly, demands from our customers have necessitated this extra degree of service.

PSG Group Ltd. cleanroom provides a clean working environment suitable for the production of carton window film. Machine operators are prohibited entry into the clean space unless they are wearing the appropriate clothing, thereby reducing contamination and creating a cleaner environment. Combined with our newly acquired BRC accreditation, we are able to offer a quality service second to none.

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