Quality Statement

The Company’s Objectives Are:-

  • To lead the industry in quality by operating a Quality Management System certified to National & International standards.
  • To provide products & services to meet or surpass customer requirements.

The Company’s Policy Is:-

  • To achieve the objectives set out above by ensuring that the Quality Management System is operated effectively & economically.
  • To review the adherence to and adequacy of the Quality Management System & to implement effective corrections where necessary.
  • To pursue a programme of continuous quality improvement.
  • To ensure that all staff are clearly aware of their responsibilities within the system so they play their part in achieving the quality objectives.
  • To employ personnel with the qualifications and experience commensurate with their responsibilities and where necessary to provide additional training to meet statutory, contractual or company requirements.
  • To ensure that work carried out on behalf of the company by sub-contractors meets the standards of the company.

I.A. Gardezi
Chairman- PSG Group
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