Design & Reprographic

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Design and Reprographic films from PSG Group Ltd. has a broad portfolio of Polymex® PET films for design and reprographic applications.  We offer one of the most complete portfolio of film products to support the worldwide plotter, laser and inkjet print film market as well as drafting films for the engineering and technical drawing market.

Polymex® polyester film is currently used in a wide variety of design and reprographic applications in order to deliver a wide range of superior products. Polymex® polyester film is the leading choice of polyester film by customers world wide.
Polymex® polyester films deliver the following superior product attributes:

  • Excellent Ink Adhesion
  • Superb Processability
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Great Handling Characteristics
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Good Heat Stability

Polymex® polyester films are used in design and reprographic applications from drafting films to wide format inkjet and litho processes as well as the following:

  • Coated and Uncoated Films
  • Light diffusing and blocking films
  • White Films
  • Self Adhesive and Peelable Films

Please contact us  for advice, a quote or to discuss how PSG Group Ltd could help your business.

Polymex® is a registered trademark of PSG Group Ltd. Their brands of archival quality polyester films have been used for almost 30 years, and are supplied globally to a wide range of customers.

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Polyester Converters

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A remarkable thermoplastic film unmatched by any other.  Its inherent properties of toughness, tensile strength, thermal and chemical stability, dielectric strength and low water absorption provided a unique combination of qualities for a multitude of markets.


Polyester Converters Ltd are stockists, distributors and converters of this remarkable film. We can also offer a trade conversion service on customer supplied products e.g. paper, board and other films. Our knowledge and experience gained from many years association with the major manufacturers has given us a unique position in the industry. It also allows us to offer the widest range of products with which to meet your requirements.
We hold an unrivalled range of films supplied by Saehan, Toray, Du Pont, Hoechst, 3M and AGFA. Their Excell, Terphane, Lumirror, Melinex, Mylar and Hostaphan grades are the leading products in the market. Should your requirements fall outside the product range of these manufacturers our regular contact with the rest of the World’s leading manufacturers will enable us to find a suitable source of supply.
A full technical back up service is available from our experienced staff.


Films in thicknesses from 3.5 to 500 microns.
A variety of film types including clear, super clear, hazy, milky white, matt, opaque white, black, metallised and coloured.
A variety of film surfaces including, uncoated, slip treated, anti-static, corona treated, chemically pre-treated for adhesion (to solvent as well as water based inks, adhesives and resins), diazo coated, co-extruded (heat seal), dyed and PVDC coated.
Quantities from 5kg to 500 tonnes.
A conversion service that can produce rolls from 10mm to 1600mm in width and sheets from 15mm square to 1270mm x 1524mm.


The Continual pursuit of excellence via:
* HOW? Better buying power with the manufacturers
* HOW? ISO 9002 registered
* HOW? Ex-stock service for many grades, Consignment stock at your premises, Call-off stock held for you in our warehouse
* HOW? Staff trained in a variety of manufacturers products can help you source the best film for your business



Carrier / Release films, Conveyor belts, Dart flights, Drumskins, Electrical insulation, Hoses, Laminating, Sail windows, Templates / stencils, Visors, Membrane touch switches, Adhesive tapes, Labels, Extrusion coating, Diazo coating, Holograms, Stamping foil, Thermal transfer ribbons, Capacitors, Magnetic tape, Metallic Yarn.


Carton windows, Laminating, Lidding for ready meals, Overwrap for bakery and aromatic products, Metallising.


Archival storage, badges and labels, Copier film, Drafting film, Cylinder packing, Document covers, Masking film, Overhead transparencies, Planning foils, Security passes.

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