Company History

Plastic Shims and Gaskets Co Ltd (PSG) was born. PSG introduced colour coded polyester film to the market to produce Shims, Washers, Insulators & Gaskets. This simple idea to replace the antiquated metal shims was welcomed by our customers; this new idea dramatically reduced customers lead times, while eliminating thickness errors due to the simplistic colour coded system. These components were extensively used in Automotive, Electrical and most manufacturing industries. Polyester film was far more suitable to these applications due to its compressive and tensile strengths. PSG now export worldwide and customers welcome our high levels of customer service and vast knowledge of materials and applications. PSG also acquired a number of small tool makers and washer manufacturers to enable PSG to hold an extensive range of tools to produce most standard items without charging customers tooling costs, however if it is something bespoke you require, we usually can produce a tool within a week.

Polyester Converters Ltd (PCL) was created. In the early eighties PCL primarily procured its PET (polyester) film from Kodak UK.

PCL became a major supplier of print and allied trades and acquired Boyden Data Paper Ltd, which was the largest polyester film converting plant in the UK at the time. Boyden Data primarily converted PET film for ICI into sheets and rolls. After the acquisition, PCL was able to stock, convert and distribute polyester film from 12-500 micron used in packaging, print, industrial and allied trades.

PCL invested heavily in modern converting machinery and became a major converter and stockist of PET film (from several European manufacturers) in Europe.

All the associated companies were consolidated creating PSG Group Ltd. PSG Group procured film from all of the worlds major manufacturers of Polyester film at the time: ICI, Hoescht, Rhone Poulenc, Kodak and many more. PSG Group occupied a refurbished industrial unit in the heart of South East London, covering over 40,000 square feet.

Further investment into machinery and people allowed PSG Group to provide a one-stop shop for all PET film requirements.

PSG Group now stock well over 1000 tonnes of PET film from Dupont Teijin Films, Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Toray Plastics Europe, Toray Saehan, Nuroll, Shinkong, Jindal, Garware, Flex and many more. PSG Group stocks not only PET films, but also many other materials as listed on our Polyester Converters website. PSG Group also offers a one-stop shop for all cut components made of any material plausible as listed on our Plastic Shims and Gaskets website. Whether you require 5 kg or 100 tonnes of film, PCL will provide you with exceptional technical know how and customer service. Whether you require 10 insulators of a Kapton laminate or 1,000,000 shims for an automotive assemble PSG will do the same. PSG Group has recently been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 which is practiced every day in all we do.

PSG Group is in the process of building a class 100,000 clean room, with state of the art slitting facilities. Deacro Industries Ltd and PSG Group have introduced entirely new slitting machines with uncompromised quality. Throughput has increased tremendously allowing PSG Group to offer extremely competitive prices to our customers. PSG Group has also recently purchased a variety of paper slitting machines that have allowed the company to strive forward into many new markets.

PSG Group are becoming stockists and converters of many other films than PET. We have recently launched our Polymex OPP range, with Polystyrene, Cellulose Acetate, PVC and Polyethylene soon to follow. We encourage you to surf our site and enquire about any of our products. We hope that like many of our customers you appreciate qualitative products, reliably, consistently with unrivalled levels of customer service.